Texas Food Group, LLC

Restaurant Consulting & Management Services







We continue to be recognized as a high culinary-driven and operations-focused restaurant consulting and management group. We combine cutting-edge creativity and proven best practices to create high performance operating systems and real world culinary solutions for our clients. We believe we are uniquely qualified to help our restaurant clients and partners in maximize operating efficiency, enhance menu innovation and optimize bottom-line performance.

Our systematic, analytical approach is grounded in experience, fueled by passion and guaranteed to deliver clients an impressive return on their investment.

Texas Food Group offers culinary and operating initiatives that support menu development efforts and enable top executives to establish high performance operating systems and maximum profitability.

Key services we provide:
• Contract Operations Management

• Financial Condition Analysis

• Management Systems Development

• Growth Analysis & Planning

• Franchise Development

• Concept Development and Implementation

• Menu & Recipe Development

• Operations Assesment

• Business Marketing

• Menu Merchandising

• Customer Service & Hospitality

• Staff Training Programs

• Management Training Programs

• Customer & Employee Relations